Small Group Coaching

Working one to one with a coach can be great. Sometimes we want to try before we get stuck in, or need the accountability of other people. Group coaching gives you the opportunity to test it out first and focus on what you want to achieve before you commit, or do it alone.

​2022 is about focus, this year we're going for shorter groups (four weeks of daily thinking points and questions) on short topics.

Smaller habits and areas to consider for bigger impact. 

You can jump in and out wherever you like because sometimes life doesn't allow us to commit for longer periods. ​​


What you'll get: 

  • Small group coaching

  • Dedicated group chat

  • Regular 1:1 check-ins

  • 20-minute consultation call

  • Educational pieces and practical tips each week 

  • Exclusive access to my habit and tracking app

  • Personalised macronutrient and calorie targets

  • Meal and recipe suggestions

  • Support to optimise your daily nutrition and training performance

  • InBody scan available at the start and end of the six weeks to assess progress (Central London location) 

For this to work, you need to:

  • Log food intake and share with me

  • Read the lessons (either as they come out, or at the end of the week) 

  • Stay in contact with me and the group to share feedback about how you are getting on, so we can support you to achieve your best results 

  • Commit to the process and be open to learn 

This is a chance to make mistakes and learn more about your body and what works best for you. 


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