Small Group Coaching

Working one to one can be great if you're clear on your goals, but sometimes you need a kick-start to get your head straight and some extra fun and support from working with other people 

Upcoming groups: 

8 November 2021 (6 weeks) 

Is it time for you to make a change? 

Have you, the couch and the biscuit tin become best friends? 

Has the return to the gym post lockdown made you realise you have some work to do to feel your best? ​

We are here to help you break out of a rut and get started! 

Maybe you are already feeling pretty positive about your eating habits and your training but you want to dial it in more? 

Have you hit a plateau in training and performance? 

Or, you want a little external motivation and support? 

Well, let's go! 

We are here to be each other's cheerleader and help move the needle. 

This is more of an education and realisation process than a six-week transformation. We want to teach people to understand, appreciate and love their bodies. 

We are leaving judgement behind and coming together to learn and keep one another accountable. 

When you sign up: 

  • You will receive personalised calorie and macronutrient recommendations 

  • You will join the team on WhatsApp

  • You will be able to ask me questions along the way 

  • We will discuss your goals and set weekly challenges for mini wins 

  • You will have the chance to join a launch call (week of November 8) and a closing call (week of December 13)

  • InBody scan available at the start and end of the six weeks to assess progress (Central London location) 

For this to work, you need to:

  • Log food intake and share with me

  • Follow the weekly lessons

  • Stay in contact with me and the group to share feedback about how you are getting on, so we can support you to achieve your best results 

  • Commit to the process and be open to learn 


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