• Amy Gorman

Why do we talk about wins?

You’ll notice in a lot of the coaching we do, I ask you about wins. We don’t just talk about the challenges that came up or the things that went wrong - the purpose of our coaching is not for me to berate you about having a cookie and not going to the gym.

We look at what went right, so you build the habits that align with your values. We also look at creating positive associations with those habits and behaviours so they come as second nature.

Think about it. If you’re having a crappy day, it’s very easy to look at the negatives and then spiral into more negatives - the weather is crap, the flat is cold, I ran out of milk, I didn’t hit the squat numbers I wanted to, I broke a nail. Honestly, the list could be so long and everything I just said is completely irrelevant.

Instead, it would be great if we just don't comment on the negatives at all, just let them pass us by. But let's face it, in Britain (or most places) we like to complain.

I want you to think about the things that went right and that you have control over (i.e. the things you can then do more of). This way, it will start to feel easier to do the good, small things that make your day feel better and life feel a little easier and more joyful. I woke up when my alarm went off, made my bed and got to wear my new cosy scarf, I made decent eggs for breakfast, a client bought me a coffee, I saw a new place on the walk home from the gym.

If we spend less time giving credit and brain space to the negatives, it allows us to see more of the positives and opportunities that are coming up.

So every week I will share a Friday check-in with a few of my wins, solutions to my challenges and actions I’m taking to make the next week easier. I hope that it will help you feel motivated and give you ideas about how you can do more to make life a little better.

Now, set a timer for five minutes and write down every win from the last seven days.

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