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What I learnt doing a 500 burpee workout

Don’t do it.

But really:

It’s like any other big task in life. You need to break it down into manageable chunks, make a plan and then stick to it. 

I planned to break it into sets of 20 and score it off on my sheet of paper. I stopped after 40, then got confused and overwhelmed. Sound familiar? 

Like so many things, the start and the end are easy. At the start you’re fresh, motivated and full of hope. At the end, there is light at the end of the tunnel, you can see how far you’ve come and how little you have left. The middle, well that’s anyone’s game and there is very little (other than your murky plan and positive internal chatter) that’s going to get you through.

What if you look at it like a diet or an exercise plan?

At the start you have this great idea and you’re really motivated to go and smash it. You write out a plan, you follow it for a few weeks to the letter and then you realise there are better things in life. We have all been there! I have been there so many times. That’s when most of us give up.

So here’s an idea for success: what if you got a coach? Someone that you’re accountable to, that can point you in the right direction when you need it, can tell you off if they really have to or can remind you how well you’re doing when you feel deflated.

This is what I missed today. My coach and my buddies as I ploughed through 500 burpees. I also needed variety. Because burpees, like chicken and broccoli every night, are boring.

The takeaway:

  1. Sure burpees get your heart rate up and get results, but it hurts and it’s boring

  2. Variety and support keep you happy and can take you further

If you’re interested in some personal training, programming or nutrition advice – give me a shout!


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