• Amy Gorman

To eat the choccy bunny or not?

It’s easy to get caught up in the: “it’s a holiday weekend therefore…” I should stay up later to enjoy it, I should go wild with my food choices, or “it’s Easter so I should…” stuff my face with so many chocolate bunnies I don’t want to see one for another year.

Here’s a challenge for you. The next time you think, “I should do this”, stop. Think about why you should do anything, think about what you want.

Do you want to stay up late, or do you actually want to take the time to truly enjoy some restoration? If you do want to stay up, then great. Spend some extra time with loved ones, watch the movie you’ve been waiting for some free time to see. If it’s for the sake of it and to aimlessly scroll through your phone, cut it out. Give yourself the best chance of a good day tomorrow.

I should go for this super indulgent meal because I can. Yes, you can, of course you can. Equally, you can enjoy something lighter and delicious that isn’t going to leave you feeling slow, sluggish, bloated, gassy, tired or skint.

How often do you have the opportunity to eat out? If you’re on holiday that could be every meal for a few days, up to a few weeks. If you go into every meal thinking you should have the heavy indulgent meal rather than the simple and satisfying one, then it’s no wonder we often come back from holiday feeling gross. You can enjoy the simplicity of being out with good company and enjoying food you didn’t have to cook. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

It’s Easter, so I should eat every chocolate bunny I can find. I appreciate this is coming from the person that still has one Christmas chocolate still in the cupboard on April 14, which I’ll admit, I am super shocked at myself. But why do you want to eat the cheap, crap, gimmick chocolate? If you’re going to do it, at least treat yourself to one really good chocolate and really enjoy it.

So you’ve had a think about it and you know what in an ideal world you’d like to do, but you’re with friends and you feel self conscious of speaking up, or hard as you try that’s not going to happen this time. Okay, we can admit that. You have two options - speak up, or go for the best compromise. Not just submit to the easiest option.

So what’s the next best option?

  • Sharing meals

  • Limit deep fried, high fat/cream options

  • Encourage a veggie side dish or two to be involved

  • Limit your alcohol consumption (that’s not a request to cut it out entirely) - this will blunt your sense of satisfaction and satiation, don’t get to a point where you feel unwell today or tomorrow

  • Eat slowly and listen to your bodies cues of feeling full

  • Split out the amount you want before you start eating - this makes it easier not to get carried away (or to make sure you get enough)

  • Fight to maintain your rhythm

  • Our bodies operate best with routine - go to bed and wake around the same time, eat meals around the same time (it’s not the most exciting, but it can remedy a lot of digestive and energy issues)

  • Turn the movie on early enough to stay up a little later without completely disrupting your sleep pattern

  • Turn your phone off at the same time and enjoy the peace and quality time you want in the evening

  • Eat the chocolate egg/bunny

  • It’s certainly not off limits, but if you’re going to have one, get the one you really want, not one just for the sake of it

  • Life’s too short for shit chocolate ;)

How can you put your priorities nearer to the surface of decisions this holiday?

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