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The annual fast. — gibberish

I’ve said a lot about resigning and focusing on doing what makes me happy and that I’ve been studying. But I think I’m yet to actually go into what I am actually going to do.

As of next Friday, I will no longer be in a full time job. I’ll be doing a full time PT course and using my new found knowledge in nutrition to start coaching people.

In January I have started coaching a few people, my dad included in the mix. One of the biggest challenges and rewards I could get! It makes for an interesting dynamic to coach your parents, you say one thing, they nod and agree and maybe do some of it (mum between August and December), then they start to implement it (January) and absolutely smash it.

Or, they listen, but they stick to what they’ve done before (dad) and I have to give the gentle reminder that starving yourself isn’t actually all that effective and could be why you don’t stick past March normally.

But this is what most people will be like, so it’s amazing to get the chance to work with my parents and do something to help them out, instead of them helping me!

Even better, when your dad then writes a bit about it – give it a read!

I’ll post more soon about what I’m up to!

It’s early days compared to my 160 day alcohol-free abstinence in 2018 (including attending PrimaveraSound completely without a drink. You can read about the impact of that here.

via The annual fast. — gibberish

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