• Amy Gorman

It’s okay if it’s not all rainbows and butterflies

This has been a week of not being able to get into a groove with anything.

Now in the eleventh week of lockdown, or at least the next phase of it (Is that right? Is it week 11?) I have gone through so many waves of over productivity, positivity, optimism, denial, frustration, realism, proactivity. For the most part I have felt good, happy and content, but every now and again I have a big dip as the days and weeks feel monotonous. 

The last couple of weeks have added more to the mountain of uncertainty and lengthened the list of questions about the world and humanity. They have sent me back into a necessary space of reflection and consideration about how the world needs to change and how I need to unlearn and learn as part of it.

I wanted to write about this to express that it is okay to not be able to get off the sofa or change out of your pyjamas on a Thursday afternoon. That it is okay to feel overwhelmed. It is okay to deal with it in the way you need to.

It is important that when things feel overwhelming, we need to go off feel and do what will make us feel good.

Sure, you may want to smash out loads of productive work and get projects nailed, but sometimes there are little wins that we should acknowledge and celebrate. Did you get up this morning, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, send an email, read an email? Any small action you took is still a win for the day in my eyes.

You may have had big plans to exercise and make the most of your new regime, whether that’s diet, exercise or daily mindful habits. During these times, we need to take a minute to stop and adjust our plans. The big goal can remain the same, but the first actions may be gentler, kinder. Go for a long walk instead of a run, do some mobility instead of a strength session, have one glass of wine instead of a bottle.

I am writing this as your reminder to be kind to yourself. A reminder that making the decision to do less in a time of stress and uncertainty is a sign of strength. 

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