• Amy Gorman

How did we get here again?!

To give you some background, I used to write a blog about my travels while I lived in America. It was a really interesting way for me to reflect on my experiences and make sure that I absorbed everything I could. As well as a really good way to share what I was doing with family and friends at home.

When I got to London I seemed to lose my enthusiasm, for many things, including writing. Which meant that I stopped really relating to what I was doing and just went through the motions.

For the last few months, I’ve really wanted to write again. But I’ve not been able to decide what to write about. People say, “write about what you know” – so write about yourself, write about the people in your life. Whilst that seems simple, it doesn’t feel as natural as it did two to three years ago.

A large part of my life now: fitness. It’s a huge part of my mentality. My (sometimes limited) ability to process the crap that living in a major city chucks at me, is moderated by going to the gym and being able to think through what’s going on. Sometimes it still doesn’t work.

But I feel somewhat reluctant to write about fitness, because I’m not an expert, by any means. Sure, I’ve picked up a lot, I’ve learnt a lot my doing – about fitness and food. But I don’t want to open myself to criticism for saying something and it being untrue.

However, I would like to have a space to talk about what I am learning, about how I am developing, and to share that with other people who are in the same place, with the same interest.

Or, even better, with people who want to start and I might bring some comfort in knowing that nobody finds it easy, there is always something to improve on, but it is definitely worth starting!

A small part of me would also like people that I know not to find this blog. Mostly because it is so different to what I wrote before. Like, so different. This is no longer me just hopping on the Chinatown bus and drinking $1 bud lights in a dive bar. But I am still loving it.

(Disclosure: I might still jump on a random flight, and definitely grab a few cheap beers)

I hope that through writing I can help other people like me to take steps to a healthier life, to finding an out for anxiety, finding a way to be happy, and to be healthy.

So here goes!


Life’s too short to take everything seriously! 

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