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Food for thought: stress

We generally perceive stress to be a bad thing, it is a sign we can’t cope with the stimulus around us, it’s negative and overwhelming. But is that true?

In reality, it should be considered a state of arousal or stimulation. If we are bored then this will be low, if it is too low and we have no stimulus this can lead to depression (like, too much can lead to anxiety and depression). If we are angry, nervous, afraid or excited the level of stimulation or stress will be higher.

Those are mental stressors.

Then think about activities – exercise – and the range of physical stress we put on our body daily. This could be anything from yoga, to a 5km run, or a max out deadlift. Each has a different effect on our body and one activity may be considerably easier for one person compared with another. Regardless, this is a stress on the body that it has to adapt to and recover from.

How does your perception of stress change when it is mental or physical? Often I think of mental stress as negative and physical as positive. This is probably because I choose to put my body under that stress, whereas the mental is often due to lack of control or poor preparation.

We can use stress to our advantage and in many cases we crave and thrive from it. Think about the last (or current) project or assignment you worked on. Did you get on with it straight away and have it ready early, or did you wait until you were approaching the deadline, panic and get it done in the last two days?

Or, did you get on with it but that one colleague waited until the last minute and forced you to change your schedule? How did you respond?

Recently, we’ve been in that kind of situation. We’re all getting on with our lives and the government has been changing the goal posts every few days.

We need to think about it practically, not personally and adapt to the changes we face. We’ve all done it before in work, in school, in social plans, we’re more than capable of doing it again now. Think of that last awkward work situation, how did you deal with it? How can you apply it here?

I welcome you to comment and suggest ways that we can all learn and adapt to the current situation. What have you done? How have your days and your goals changed to make the most of the current situation?

Meditation has been a big one for me in the past to help me take some time out, focus on my breathing and take a step away from what is going on.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve taken time out to think about how I can use this time to my advantage and adapt my goals to fit within the controllable. In terms of my training, I can focus on gymnastics (specifically handstands) instead of weightlifting. This is something that has been a long term goal, but I like barbells more so it always took priority. By doing this, I don’t need any equipment and it will build up my shoulder stability, which will help me with weighlifting. Win win win if you ask me!

How can you reframe and reset?

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