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Creating moments of quiet

I am a perpetual overthinker, overdoer. Even on days where I think I’ve been super chilled and not done much, I’ve done more than the average person. We’re in the midst of a lock down and I’m yet to watch anything on Netflix. I’ve watched one movie.

I will be the first to admit I struggle to switch off.

The last few days I’ve gone for morning walks and been struck by the conflicting internal dialogue of whether to run (to get it over with quicker to get onto the next thing) or if the point is to get out and just enjoy being out for an hour or so. I have realised the latter is the point. Every day I do some kind of high intensity and or strength later on anyway, so there’s no risk of not getting some “proper” exercise in.

What I have realised and it’s good to be aware of these moments before the risk of any further restrictions set in. Is that the bit I am really grateful for in this hour or so, is the quiet. Not looking at my phone. Finding a good podcast and just being peaceful.

I get up, make a coffee and go out with my headphones in. I barely meet anyone on my way. It’s the calm in the eye of the storm.

So maybe, I just take that aspect. Maybe I don’t need to have the activity (although it is nice, I know I can get it elsewhere and save some of the stress on my body). I can set up a mat or chair in the back garden, make myself a coffee and pick a podcast or audiobook chapter each day.

I realise that so many people do these things every day without a second thought. It just isn’t how I’m wired, to take time out and be peaceful. Any time I do it, for whatever reason, I am so incredibly grateful.

So alongside building a new skill, I want to develop this new habit. Waking up early and having even 30 minutes before I start the day to just be. Starting today: April 2.

(Accountability: I did it. I sorted my plants and listened to two chapters of Atomic Habits with a coffee) 

For anyone else out there, like me, that cannot just sit still and be peaceful, maybe this is the chance for you to learn too.

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