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Closing the chapter: why intrinsic goal setting and motivation are important

Today I’m having a bit of a weird day. For the last year I have been studying to become a Nutrition Coach and it has been absolutely fascinating. This is hands down the best decision I have made in my life because it was a decision for me, it wasn’t guided by money, career, or other people. It was guided by me and my overwhelming desire to learn more and do something that would benefit me. Anything else that was to follow would be a cheeky bonus and was not predetermined. 

And I made the decision hungover. Sometimes the best way to commit. 

Today I submitted my final exam. I worked on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday to get it done. The current situation of lockdown and being away from my family has meant that Easter just wasn’t Easter. I could easily forget that it happened this year. It was just another strange day in the bubble that is life in 2020. So to prevent myself snacking on a silly number of frozen banana muffins, I got stuck in. In my experience these exams have been really interesting, so I was more than happy to see what this one had in store for me. 

Once again, BTN Academy didn’t fail to test me and to build my curiosity to know more about this subject. I gave it all I could, I felt good, I slept on it and I submitted this morning.

A year of hard work, lessons, reading and curiosity. A year of worthwhile lessons. A year of prioritising, juggling and choosing to do something for me. It has been a great year.

Click submit.

That’s it.

We’re in the middle of lockdown. I can’t see my friends or family. I can’t really do anything to mark the moment. I’d already baked half my kitchen in the last few days. So I went out for a 24 mile cycle around London. The other incredible decision I made in 2020: to buy a bike!

It doesn’t feel real.

Lately, nothing feels real.

This is when I realised how important intrinsic motivation is. If everything you do is for someone else, or to be perceived in a certain way, to prove something, or to earn a certain salary or standing in society. Then what do you do for you? What happens if it all goes away? What happens when you’ve done the hard work and there is nobody there to tell you “nice job” and pat you on the back?

What if everything changed and you had to acknowledge whether the things you do are for you or for someone else?

This is why goal setting is so important.

This is why understanding your ‘why’ is essential.

Is it a problem if you’re extrinsically motivated? No. Of course it isn’t. Whatever gets you to where you want to be – go for it! A little external pressure can really get you moving when you don’t feel like it.

But remember that it is you that will ultimately get you through the long nights, saying no to fun plans and being bored of studying/training/eating well/grafting.

Today I am in my house on my own, baking my little heart out and proud that I took the step I did. But I also really cannot wait to be with my friends in a beer garden whenever summer comes, appreciating every bonus they bring to my life. 

What are the best decisions you have made for you? Who are the people that are always in your corner supporting you to get to where you want/need to be?

Today I am thankful for what I have and what I have done.

Let’s talk about goals and how you can get where you want to be!


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