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Today I am grateful for friends with the

Success without deprivation 

Let's think long term

Everyone is capable of following a short term, restrictive diet. Nobody should feel the need to follow such a restrictive lifestyle to maintain their goals. I want to work with you to adapt, enhance and improve your behaviours, encourage a healthier relationship with food and support you to long term success.

True nutritional success is about education and real food, not about influencers and supplements.

There's a reason my pictures have been bagels and pasta so far! Carbs are good, food is good, life and food are to be enjoyed.


My fitness has gotten much better since I started paying more attention to nutrition; both in terms of performance during the workout (especially the HIIT ones where I struggled more) and in terms of recovery.

My energy levels are also quite constant throughout the day so I think it has not only been useful for fitness but also to combine the gym with going to the office. 

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